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📇 A journey towards a gas efficient ERC721

How we set out to create a low gas NFT and wound up understanding open zeppelin’s design decisions.
Written by Harper Reed, CEO

Harper Reed, CEO

Feb 11, 2022

🔭 The Watcher

The Watcher is a menu-bar based app that sends you personalized notifications when gas/ETH fall below your desired threshold and when one of the wallets you’re watching adds to their wallet.
Written by Gauri Sharma, COO

Gauri Sharma, COO

Jan 10, 2022

📺 Fancy.art: Bringing NFTs to Your Living Room

We at General Galactic Corporation are excited to bring you our latest experiment: Fancy.art, a simple and easy way to display NFTs on any TV, computer, or display.
Written by Robert Tolar Haining , Engineer

Robert Tolar Haining , Engineer

Nov 19, 2021

💾 Floppydisk.xyz: The Drop

The inspiration, planning, and strategy behind our Floppydisk.xyz drop—and the way the drop actually went.
Written by Katherine Champagne, Marketing

Katherine Champagne, Marketing

Nov 10, 2021

📷 Galactic Camera

Galactic Camera gives anyone access to all the fun effects and visuals that our streamer and Twitch friends are used to, without the complicated setup.
Written by Jordan Ho, Founder

Jordan Ho, Founder

Oct 1, 2021

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